About Me

I was born and raised in Budapest in 1946. I studied at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Architecture, where I got acquainted with colours, forms and interior design. My first pictures date back to those years.

Firstly I used Artist Colour clack ink, later on I continued with Encaustic Art wax technique. I experimented with numerous materials, techniques until I found my individual style. Having graduated from university I worked as an architect and have been realizing paintings ever since that time.

Trained as an architect, I understand that in architecture it is essential to consider how shapes and colours work together. The same is true for art. However, while an architect must adhere to technical specifications to achieve the desired harmony, it is absolutely liberating as an artist not to have these limitations.

I had a few personal exhibitions in Budapest in the Castle District, in Villanyi Conference Center, Balint Jewis Community Centre and Contemporary  Arts Gallery. My last exhibition was held in Graz, Austria in 2014 on invitation of Kunstrampe. I participated in creative programmes several times. I won an artistic prize on occasion of the International Figurative Art manifestation organized in Tata, Hungary. The style of my work has been called lyric surrealism (by art historian Dr. Miklós Losonczy).